Credins Bank We Speak Your Language!



31 March 2003

CREDINS bank is founded as the first private bank with 100% Albanian capital, a milestone in the history of financial and economic developments in Albania The selected slogan ”We do the best for you, because we speak your language”, has been the leitmotif and an authentic value of our business throughout the years.
CREDINS bank enters an agreement with UNOPS for the PASARP program, focusing on lending to SMEs operating in the field of “Agriculture and Agro-Industry”, through developing, rationalizing and improving the structure in the prefectures of Shkodër, Durrës, and Vlorë.
CREDINS bank enters an agreement with American Express to issue 5 types of American Express cards.

In its first year of activity, the Bank operates through one branch in Tirana and two agencies: one in Tirana and the other in Durres, with a staff of 25 employees.


Credins bank offers American Express Travelers Cheque and extends its activity with new branches and agencies at a total of seven, doubling the number of employees to 55. At the end of this year, the number of clients reaches up to 12,000


CREDINS bank enters an agreement with Monte Dei Paschi di Siena Group in Italy to offer Albanians living and working in Italy the chance to carry out fast international transfers at minimal cost.

The number of branches reaches up to 12, the number of employees to113, and the number of customers to 25,000.


The first Bank to offer “Credins Online”, an electronic service through which customers carry out transactions with their bank accounts through the internet or mobile phones at maximum security.

At end 2006 the Bank has up to 36,740, customers, 17 branches and 170 employees.


This year may be considered as the year when CREDINS bank reached its maturity. CREDINS bank becomes VISA card Member with full rights. Bank increased its profit by 132%.

CREDINS bank Network reaches to 25 branches and agencies with 45.724.customers.


CREDINS bank celebrates its fifth anniversary and adds two new shareholders: Balkan Financial Sector Equity Holding BV (BFSE Holding BV) Netherlands, represented by Development Financial Equity Partners (DFE) and State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO), represented by Swiss Investment Fund for Emerging Markets (SIFEM AG).

At end year the number of branches and agencies went to 26, the number of employees 386 and the number of clients 73.402.


CREDINS bank signs the agreement with the European Credit Fund for South East Europe (EFSE).
Among the range of achievements and objectives reached by the Bank during this time, it is worth mentioning Moody’s positive rating of CREDINS bank compared to the region.

CREDINS bank Network reaches to 32 branches and agencies, 447 employees and up to 93,098 customers.


2010 marks a successful growth of all performance indicators
CREDINS bank ranks among the top five banks operating in the country.

In October 2010 CREDINS bank extends its activity with the License granted for trading Gold and Precious metals.

CREDINS bank enters the collaboration agreement with the Albanian Post, an extraordinary opportunity of mutual collaboration and benefits, delivering bank products to the farthest customer.

CREDINS bank enters an agreement with The Black Sea Trade and Development Bank, marking the start of collaboration aimed at financing the exports and imports among the member states of the Black Sea Bank and Albania.

CREDINS bank is awarded as the “Most Innovative Bank of the Year” by the Monitoring Commission of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Tirana.

Number of branches and agencies goes to 41 and the number of customers to 125,737.


CREDINS bank ranks third in the banking system for annual turnover, which increased by 30% or 7.6 billion Lek.

CREDINS bank offers all investors for the first time the opportunity to invest in Gold.

The number of branches and agencies goes to 43 and the number of customers to 168,489


CREDINS bank launches for the first time in the Albanian market Visa prepaid cards.

Credins network extends further to 47 branches and agencies, the number of customers reaches to 182,000.


In the first quarter of 2013, Credins celebrates its 10th anniversary!

Credins Bank signed an agreement with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) for €10 million in loans for on-lending to local small and medium-sized enterprises and supporting trade finance solutions for clients of the bank

In the event of the 10th anniversary, Credins completes three projects within the first quarter, investing in technology and renewable energy.

The new e-banking and e-commerce platform is launched, added to the long list of competitive products and services.

Agreement with IFC supports renewable energy sector in Albania with a loan of 10 million Euros.

By financing renewable energy and energy efficiency projects CREDINS bank encourages the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

The positive outcome achieved throughout the years increases our responsibilities towards our customers, shareholders and partners, aiming at building sound and long-term business relationships to improve the life of the community where CREDINS bank operates.


During 2014, the Bank, closed the year with very good results, reaching a net profit of 519 million lek in a slowing down economy.

In December 2014, Credins Bank was awarded with the national price of philanthropy from “Partners Albania” for “Considerable and impactful social contribution in the community life , to specially mention health, education, art and culture”.
During the same year the Bank, has been selected as “Bank of the Year” from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Tirana, not only for the progress made and the financial results achieved but also for its contribution to the growth of the Albanian economy.


During 2015 Credins bank was classified among the three biggest Banks for deposits and loans.

Credins bank also extended its branch network in Tirana, (Ring Center and Kombinat). Also, two other branches were opened in Çorovoda and Pogradec city.

In total, the branch network reached the number of 56 branches with a large number of clients (241.109) all over the country.

On April 02, 2016 the Board of Directors decided to create a new Department of Sales and Loan Support (S.I.M.A), inside the Business Development Division.

On December 24, 2015, Credins Leasing was officially merged by absorption to Credins bank.

On April 30, 2015 Albanian Financial Supervisory Authority (AMF) officially approves the transfer of 76% of the total shares of SiCRED sh.a to Credins bank sh.a.


On March 2016, Credins bank relocates its Head quarters at the new premises in Rruga Vaso Pasha nr. 8, in Tirana and opens its first Cashless branch.

On June 2, 2016, the Authority of Monetary Supervision officially approves the license for Credins Invest, the company for assets administration and collective investment. Credins Bank holds 76% of the newly established company.

On August 2016, the Bank is classified as the 3rd largest bank in the country by Assets, Deposit and Loans.

Credins bank offers the opportunity to realize transactions for businesses in Chinese Currency (CNY).