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Message from the General Executive Director


Credins Bank concluded the past year 2017 with growing financial indicators and continued to be visionary, working in accordance with the strategic objectives towards the empowerment of the staff, clients and shareholders, by consolidating its market position. The Bank worked intensively to strengthen the business development structure and the branch network, coupled with decision-making for the establishment of a technological and digital infrastructure, which precedes the increasing demands of strengthening the role of the Bank in the retail sector. During 2017, it was invested in a prudent way, respecting the risk parameters both in the corporate and micro sector, agro and individual sector, in accordance with the needs of current and potential clients. The completion of some projects in the technological field and the establishment of structures to serve the optimization of technology solutions that will be implemented in 2018, set a perfect perspective for increasing interaction with customers through alternative channels.

Credins Brand represents a powerful and reliable name, established to become the number one choice for Albanians.

The global and domestic economic context during 2017 was complex, having numerous challenges, including the increased regulatory requirements, the fluctuations in the foreign exchange market, but, beyond these difficulties, Credins Bank confirmed its position as the second largest bank in the country for lending and the third largest bank in the country for deposits and assets. The year 2017 coincided with the end of the Bank’s three-year development plan and the preparation of the strategy for the next three years. Credins has insured a steady income growth, capillary expansion across the country, but it has also amplified its presence near citizens, clients and non-clients, through important arrangements with central and local institutions, to facilitate access in financial services for all the categories of the population, from students to retirees.

During 2017, a new branch was opened in Lezha city and it was invested in a large scale in the revitalization, expansion and the upgrading of the existing branch infrastructure, by creating optimal conditions for more effective customer services. The investments in human capital through the SFE’s staff training program is not a casual intervention, but constitutes a new work culture, managerial style and a more proactive relationship between employees and clients.

Credit quality and deposit sustainability was our main focus and this is reflected in the pace of their growth during 2017. Today, Credins Bank offers a full range of products that respond to the growing demand of individuals, institutions or businesses. In addition to other products, the innovation of 2017 was the launch of Mastercard for businesses in EUR and USD, as debit and credit card, as well as Mastercard Gold for Elite customers of the Bank. Credins Bank, as one of the banks that makes possible the payments through e-Albania portal, continued to be a dynamic part of the payment platform improvements.

Credins Bank is ranked as one of the biggest supporters in the area of ​​social responsibility, by contributing with donations and sponsorships in many social, infrastructural, institutional, cultural and environmental aspects. For two years, Credins Bank has been connected to the initiative of the Albanian Bank Association, to present alongside with the report on social responsibility, its contribution in the fulfillment of the objectives of the United Nations Sustainable Development (SDG).

During 2017, Credins Bank continued to strengthen its internal audit and adaptability structures to better respond to the growing regulatory requirements in the areas of the banking system. Human resources and people’s empowerment have also been the priorities of the year. In 2017, the bank improved greatly its internal staff recruitment and assessment policies, the definition of indicators for the performance and all these were accompanied by an intensive training plan, with a financial incentive package.

Credins Bank will dedicate the year 2018 to technology, a powerful accelerator of the individual’s economic life and businesses. Improving the processes to facilitate customer access to technology products and platforms will be accompanied by expanding the range of traditional products and accessing them through new technology channels, as well as by using technology as a way to efficiently manage the costs. The Bank has further diversified its operations by taking the Broker’s license from AMF and we intend this new activity will start producing its first outcomes in the second half of 2018.

We remain aware of the key role we play in the development of society. Through the goals we have set out in the new three-year strategic plan, we aim at contributing, not only to the steady growth of the Bank itself, but also to the establishment and management of the welfare and the sustainable growth of our clients, staff and above all, of our shareholders, who trust us in this successful journey.

Sincerely Yours,


Maltin Korkuti

General Executive Director

May 2018