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Who are our shareholders?

CREDINS bank shareholders are representatives of some of the most successful businesses established and operating for over 12 years, of the development of market economy in Albania. They contributed and invested in another prestigious business, such as banking activity.

Foreign Investitors

Credins Bank represented the first private bank with 100% Albanian capital, a milestone in the history of financial and economic developments in Albania. The substantial progress in terms of its market share and position attracted foreign investor attention. In January 12, 2008, CREDINS bank announced the addition two new shareholders: Balkan Financial Sector Equity Holding B.V. (BFSE Holding B.V), the Netherlands, represented by Development Financial Equity Partners (DFE); and State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO), represented by Swiss Investment Fund for Emerging Markets (SIFEM AG).

New Shareholders

The addition of the new shareholders in CREDINS bank is approved by the Competition Authority of the Republic of Albania by Decision No. 70, date 11.01.2008 and by decision of the Supervisory Board of the Bank of Albania, No. 12, date 12.02.2008.

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Find below the certification of the registration application at the National Business Center from the shareholders, dated 27.06.2014:

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