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Bank Guarantees


Credins Bank offers different types of bank guarantees to help your business:

  • Domestic Bank Guarantees
  • International Bank Guarantees
  • Letters of Credit

Sometimes in the course of business relations, your business partners, being government authorities, public entities or private business operators, seek some kind of guarantee for signing agreements with you, providing down payments or involving your company in their business activities. CREDINS bank undertakes responsibility towards third parties by providing financial guarantees in favor of your company with Bank’s own funds. Your company, the good financial results achieved and the long term business relations with our Bank, are your the best collateral.

Our Bank guarantees your company by saving up your liquidities and increasing your reputation. In order to achieve this, we offer your company our Guarantee products for domestic or international use:

Domestic Bank Guarantees

  • Guarantee for bid participation
  • Performance bonds
  • Payment guarantees
  • Customs’ storage guarantees
  • Start up business in fortune games
  • Other Bank Guarantees

International Guarantees

  • Performance bonds
  • Payment guarantees

Letters of Credit

Letters of Credit are credit instruments that help a client in international trade transactions. Both transaction parties, the buyer, and the seller need to feel secure in their trade transactions.

CREDINS bank offers security in your trade transactions in international levels, through a wide range of Letter of Credit products. The Bank guarantees that the payment for a certain shipment of goods/service will not be settled in the Bank account of the supplier until all accompanying documents of said shipment is according contractual standards agreed between both parties.

Please visit one of our Branches to get more information on the products of Trade Finance, or to apply for a Letter of Credit!