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Current Account

The current account of your business at CREDINS bank is just the beginning of a successful collaboration between you and the Bank! All Legal Subject can open a current account at CREDINS bank in different currencies like: ALL, EUR, USD, GBP, CHF and CAD in order to be able to perform domestic and international transaction. All subjects can benefit from the interest rates applied for the credit balance held in the current account.

Your current account helps your business to:

  • Deposit and withdraw whenever you want;
  • Transfer money in and outside the Bank, domestic or international
  • Perform through direct debit all utility payments like electricity, water supply or mobile phones.
  • Perform foreign exchange, sale / purchase in different currencies.

Deposit of Initial Capital

  • Quick and efficient payments inside and outside the country
  • Instant credit – Deposit account
  • Automatic processing of the payment order
  • The option to sign the contract for orders or direct debit