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Prepaid Card


  • The simplest way to make payments in Euro
  • Ideal for online payments
  • Free of charge maintenance
  • Expenses under control
  • High Security
  • Instant acquirement
  • Even faster, thanks to Contactless use

Pay simpler, faster and safer, wherever you are With Contactless Prepaid Mastercard.

What is Prepaid Mastercard?

Prepaid Mastercard gives you the opportunity to make purchases online and at POS (Point of Sales), at home and abroad, wherever the MasterCard logo is displayed. It is sufficient to deposit CASH or make Recharge with a certain amount of money, referring to the maximum amount allowed by Credins Bank.

What currency is Prepaid Mastercard offered in?

The currency this card is offered is EURO. But you can make purchases/payments in all other currencies, referring to exchange rates.

How much will the card cost?

No prepayment maintenance is required, it is sufficient to pay 5 Euro at the time of card issuance. Daily limit is 2500 Euro.

What is Contactless?

Contactless comes as an added value to all new Mastercards from Credins Bank, which gives you the possibility to make payments up to 20 Euro, without setting Pin or signing bills. Just tap on POS, wherever you see this logo.

Can I obtain this card?

All individuals, without exception, can be equipped with Prepaid Mastercard. Cards are made available to you at any moment you present yourself at Bank’s counters, showing your ID and applying for this card.

Can I possess a lot of cards? 

A customer can possess only one card.

What activity is Mastercard advised for?

Prepaid Mastercard is used for all your needs, but is especially suitable for young people still studying or who start work for the first time and do not have a credit history to obtain a Credit Card. Due to immediate issuance, the card is also ideal for your trips abroad, avoiding the risk of keeping Cash with you. Prepaid Mastercard can also be used as a gift for children, relatives or friends, since no name is written on it.

How safe is this card?

Make sure your personal data (mobile phone number and email) are correct in the banking system. Soon an additional safety feature will be activated: 3D Secure Service which will make your online purchases more secure.
Verified by Visa of VISA and SecureCodeTM of Mastercard® are services designed to provide you with extra security when making purchases over the Internet, by preventing any unauthorized use of the card.
Your card is registered by the Bank in 3D Secure Service and you have not to fill any form or to visit our branches.
When you use your card on the Internet in participating retailers, after you fill the card data another screen will appear. Meanwhile, the one-time password will be sent on your mobile phone (the number you have registered in the bank) via SMS which you have to put in the required box.
Please verify the mobile number you have registered in the bank. The one-time-password will be sent in this number.
How to recognize 3D secure merchant
You can recognize a merchant supporting 3D secure security as the merchant provides on its website the service official logo of Verified by VISA and SecureCode by Mastercard. If the logos are visible on the website, then the merchant supports 3D Secure Service.

Merchant supporting 3D Secure security is recognized also by the fact that after entering your card information in the merchant website you will be redirected to another screen to put the one-time password.
Internet purchase
During purchases in participating merchants, after you finish the order, you will choose the payment method and will enter your card data. After you press “Pay” another screen will appear. Meanwhile a SMS will arrive on your mobile phone, with 3D Secure code, which you will enter on the required box.
You have to follow the steps below:
If you receive the SMS on your mobile, please check if transaction details, especially the amount, card number and merchant name correspond to the details in the SMS. If yes, enter the OTP which you received on you mobile and choose “Continue”.

1. Choose the method of payment and enter the card data.
2. Choose “Pay” and another screen will show.
3. 3D Secure code will arrive on your mobile and you will enter it correctly in the required field.
4. Transaction is confirmed successfully.
If you receive the SMS on your mobile, please check if transaction details, especially the amount, card number and merchant name correspond to the details in the SMS. If yes, enter the OTP which you received on you mobile and choose “Continue”.

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Loss and theft

If you lose your card, immediately inform customer service at Credins bank:
Tel: 0800 22 73 dhe +355 4 2274 777.
Your card will be locked immediately!