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Visa Electron Card


What is a Visa Electron card?

Visa Electron is the ideal card for your daily expenses.
The card is connected to your current account, facilitating your daily purchases and providing cash when needed. Access is granted 24 hours a day 7 days a week. The large network of ATM-s and POS-es with the Visa logo, widespread in Albania and all over the world, providing full commodity. If you have no cash with you, no worries, you may withdraw money, purchase goods and services in millions of ATM-s and POS-es any time any where.

Who can apply for Visa Electron Card?

Everyone who has a current account in Credins Bank can apply for a debit card Visa Electron. The debit card will be connected to your current account providing cash 24 hours a day, every day of the week. You can apply for e debit card in every branch of Credins Bank, with an identification document (ID or passport). Our employees will give you advice and help you so you can have in a short period of time the debit card in your hands.

Why do I need a debit card Visa Electron?

• Because you can access your current account at any time!
• Because you can make payment at any POS!
• Because you can use this card in every ATM which has a VISA logo not only in Albania but even abroad.

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Loss and theft

If you lose your card, immediately inform customer service at Credins bank:
Tel: 0800 22 73 dhe +355 4 2274 777.
Your card will be locked immediately!