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Kaltra Deposit


What is Kaltra Deposit?

Good parents always take care of their child’s future!
Kaltra Deposit is a long-term investment plan for your kids and the best permanent gift to your child.
These savings will create a solid ground for his/her future. By saving regularly, you can provide him with e better education and a financial base to start his/her future in a sea of choices.

How can I open a Kaltra Deposit?

It is easy and fast! You need to do is come to any of our branches with a valid identification means for you and for your kid and the client service personnel will help you.

Does my kid benefit any interest during the years?

Yes, your kid earns interest every day. calculated on a daily basis and credited at the end of each year. The money deposited in Kaltra Deposit will be added to the initial investment generating more profit from interest.
Once your child has reached 18 years of age, the amount in Kaltra Deposit will be transferred in a current account or in another time deposit

General characteristic of Kaltra Deposit:

  • For kids under 15 years of age.
  • It is opened in the name of the kid.
  • Minimum opening balance is 5.000 all or the equivalent in other currencies denominated in Lekë (ALL), Euro (EUR) or Dollarë (USD)
  • Deposit money any time you like
  • No withdrawals untill the child has reached 18 years of age

Why do I need Kaltra Deposit?

  • Helps you to invest in your child’s future, at anytime, with no restriction
  • Helps you fulfil the priorities of your child for the future
  • Anyone can deposit money in your child’s deposit as a gift.
  • The more money you deposit the more interest your child will earn.
  • Start saving is always a smart idea!

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Please Note:

*Always refer to our updated terms and conditions on interest rates of the deposits available in all our branches and the official website.
*All deposit in Credins Bank SH.A up to 2.500.000 ALL or the equivalent in other currencies, are insured by the Albanian Insurance Deposit Agency, according to law no: 53/2014, that comes into force 15 days after publication in the public journal, “On Deposit Insurance”. For further information click: