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Plus Deposit


What is Plus Deposit?

Plus deposit is a systematic saving plan. It helps clients who have their salaries credited through Credins Bank and others with monthly regular incomes save periodically.
All you have to do is decide how much you want to save each month, and the amount will be automatically transferred from your current account into your Plus Deposit at a certain date.
By saving a little today you will be able to realise special projects in the future!

How is interest rate calculated?

The interest is calculated on a daily bases and will be credited to your deposit at the end of every calendar quarter.

When can I withdraw money from Plus Deposit?

This deposit is designed to help you save. You can withdraw your money only after the first six months.

How can I open a Plus Deposit?

It’s easy and fast! If you have a salary account or a current account with regular incomes, you can open a Plus Deposit and decide the amount you want to save automatically every week/month/trimester etc.
You just have to come to one of our branches with your ID card or passport. and fulfil an authorization form.
The minimum balance to open a Plus Deposit is 500 lek or the equivalent of other currencies.

Why do I need Plus deposit?

  • It helps you save systematically and for unexpected expenses
  • Once you decide how much you want to save periodically it will be credited automatically to your plus deposit without having to come to the Bank
  • Besides the periodical savings credited automatically to plus deposit, you can add as much money as you wish in it, at any time.
  • You can save systematically in the currency of your incomes: Lekë (ALL), Euro (EUR), Dollar (USD).
  • You can change the amount credited automatically to your plus deposit
  • Start saving is always a smart idea!

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Please Note:

*Always refer to our updated terms and conditions on interest rates of the deposits available in all our branches and the official website.
*All deposit in Credins Bank SH.A up to 2.500.000 ALL or the equivalent in other currencies, are insured by the Albanian Insurance Deposit Agency, according to law no: 53/2014, that comes into force 15 days after publication in the public journal, “On Deposit Insurance”. For further information click: