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Albanian Post Office


Banking closer to you!

Credins Bank and Albanian Post Office are now closer to you with new services. You can use one of the 100 branches of the Albanian Post Office closest to you to make deposits or pay your loan.

From this cooperation you gain:

  • 100 more new branches for your banking needs added to the already long list of CREDINS Bank branches.
  • Albanian Post Office services are offered in the majority of its branches from Monday to Saturday.
  • Albanian Post Office branches are laid out across all of Albania.
  • Cashing out from third parties.
  • You can apply for a loan at the Post Office. Immediately after a CREDINS Bank loan analyst will contact you.

How does it work?

Just show up at the Post Office with an ID and all banking processes are the same as at the bank.

Post Office Branches

Simple and Everywhere!

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