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Salary Services

Paga Credins is the fullest package of banking products and services.

With Paga Credins we offer:

  • Higher interest rated for bank deposits.
  • Access to your bank account 7 days / 24 hours through ATMs, the internet or mobile phone.
  • Direct deposit of Payroll, no commission.
  • Direct debit of electricity bills, water supply, Albtelekom, mobile phone etc.
  • Visa Debit and Credit card or American Express, no bank guarantee, used in Albania and all over the world.
  • Wire transfers with preferential commissions applicable only for you.
  • Car Leasing up to 100% financing.
  • Withdrawal money even if your account has no funds in it, by means of an Overdraft.
  • Buying your overdraft and/or Consumer loan from another bank with favorable conditions and faster procedures.

We believe that you deserve a qualitative and refined service and that is why we invite you to become a part of our daily operations.