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Voluntary Pensions


Tomorrow is not far away. It’s tomorrow!

Yet, if you have not planned your retirement, plan it now,while it is not too late. Visit us to SiCRED Pensions offices or one of the Credins bank branches and become part of the voluntary pension fund, saving a little money every month.

Voluntary pension is the only alternative in order to increase the income supplement to your state pension. Your Investment it is not a time deposit.
It has high interests and the fund is inherited, transferable and exempted from tax.

Becoming a member of the Voluntary Pension of Credins Invest, you will also benefit:

  • Free life Insurance
  • Up to 60 % discount on domestic and abroad medical services in SiCRED SH.A. medical network
  • High interest rates

We welcome you to our office at SiCRED Pensions or one of the Credins bank branches.