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Leasing (1)


Leasing is an economic and legal contractual arrangement and according to that, Credins bank finances the purchase of an item becoming the owner of the asset and also there is lessee (user) that can be (individual or Company), versus periodic payments. At the end of the Lease agreement the item is sold to the user with the cost of 1 Euro.

Machinery and equipment, vehicles, new technologies, family and individual needs for real estate, electrical appliances and automobiles are common assets that are leased in Credins bank.

Advantages of Leasing

Leasing is ideal for Small and Medium enterprises and through leasing businesses provide to themselves financing resources, modern technologies, machines and equipment, enabling the raise of the product quality and their services. In this way, they become competitive in domestic and foreign trades and also create premises for their activity growth. Also, the Technology renovation is part of the lease financing.
Through Credins bank, leasing product offers flexibility and there is no need for collateral.
Leasing installments and expenses conducted for leasing, are marked as an expense in
the company books.