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The national project for 100 villages opens new perspectives for businesses in Tourism and Agriculture across the country. #PlanTheFuture with Credins Bank through AGROTOURISM100 financing

What does AGROTOURISM100 offer to you?

  • Dedicated account to farmers or operators in agro-tourism.
  • Personal debit card or business debit card internationally used.
  • Funding up to 600,000 ALL without collateral and bail.
    • Get free life insurance coverage within 60 months.
  • Financing up to 3 Million ALL with mortgage and bail.
  • Funding up to 350 Million ALL on mortgage.
  • Repayment term for funding up to 10 years.
  • Competitive interest rates.
  • Customized payment plan for your needs:
    • Choose to pay monthly installment payment, or
    • Pay by season of production or tourist season.
  • Early repayment opportunity.
  • Financing opportunities for new start-ups.
  • Possibility of refinancing a loan granted by another bank / institution.
  • Consultancy for access to #Grants
  • Fast and secure payments and transfers via your bank account at the nearest branch, at the Albanian Post Office or Credins Online.
  • Get more advantages if you:
    • Choose to pay employees through the bank
    • Choose to install a Credins POS
    • Choose the voluntary pension scheme
    • Creates a savings account or deposit

You are welcome to visit the nearest branch of Credins Bank, to consult with our staff for advice and guidance to your specific needs.

We speak your language!