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Investment or Research is not realized through this website:

The contents of the Website will only be available for information purposes, and will not be considered a solicitation or an offer to buy or sell any type of investment instrument under the applicable capital market laws. Any type of concrete investment decision should be preceded by an appointment with an investment advisor at any of our branches.

Information content:

Credins bank Sh.a. has made its effort to ensure reliability in researching the information published on its Website, as well as in selecting the source of information used. Nonetheless, Credins bank Sh.a. does not assume any liability whatever for the correctness, completeness, timeliness or uninterrupted availability of the information made available on its Website or as regards the sources of information used. Any market analyses, price and company analyses as well as forecasts published on the Website are based on the information available and the market assessment at the point in time stated in the respective publications. The company analyses may rely in part on information taken directly from the respective company’s own sources.

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Changes to the Website:

Credins bank Sh.a. retains the right to change and to remove the Website at any time (if necessary also without any prior notification), particularly consisting in changing the existing contents and adding new ones.